What Are Some Easy Square Dance Calls?


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“Bow to your partner, bow to your corner” and “promenade” are two easy square dance calls. The first call requires men to bow and ladies to curtsy to their partner and corner, while the latter involves couples joining hands and walking a full rotation of the square.

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Other easy square dance calls include “forward and back,” “do-si-do” and “circle right or left.”

Forward and back requires each dancer to step forward three steps, pause, and step backwards three steps returning to the original formation. To do-si-do, facing partners walk forward and pass right shoulders. While continuing to face forward, dancers move to the right passing behind the other dancer, then move backwards passing left shoulders to return to their starting position.

The circle right or left call involves all dancers joining hands and circling one full rotation in the direction called. Once dancers return to their original positions, the corners release their handholds, while the partners maintain theirs.

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