What Are Some Easy Burlesque Dance Moves for Beginners?


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Some easy burlesque dance moves for beginners include the shimmy and the wiggle. It is also fairly easy to master a seductive glove-peel, as well as some sexy facial expressions and poses.

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To do a burlesque shimmy, stand with hands on hips and put one foot in front of the other. Extend the chest slightly forward and move the shoulders back and forth. This move can also be done with the hands extended outward toward the audience. To perform a wiggle, stand with the feet shoulder-width apart and alternately bend each knee to create a back-and-forth movement at the hips.

Another fundamental burlesque move is to remove gloves in a seductive manner. To do this, use one hand to loosen each finger of the other glove. Then pull the whole glove off and toss it to the floor. Repeat on the other side. While removing the gloves, arch the back and bend one knee to maintain a sassy and seductive attitude.

Facial expression is an important part of burlesque dancing. Make frequent eye contact with the audience, but don't stare. Remember to change expression throughout the routine. Use a mirror to practice. Many basic poses are easy to learn, too. To start, practice standing with one foot almost directly behind the other and the hips slightly cocked. Place the hands in front of the hips rather than on the sides for a more dramatic and sexy look.

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