What Is the Easiest Way to Make a Flip Book?

What Is the Easiest Way to Make a Flip Book?

The easiest kind of flip book animation to make is one showing a walking gait, such as that of a horse or a stick figure. Some crafts sites have free walking templates available to download and print out for creating page flipbooks.

To assemble a flipbook, crafters need some string, a hole punch, scissors and 8 1/2 by 11 inch card stock for printing on.

  1. Download and print out template
  2. Go to amnh.org, and click on "Explore" and on "Ology." On this page, click on "Zoology" at the bottom of the left hand menu. Click on "Mammal Flipbooks" and download and print out one of the templates on card stock paper.

  3. Cut out the flipbook pages
  4. Cut out each of the flipbook pages on the dotted lines using the scissors. These are short flipbooks, so they should have about 50 pages or less to cut out.

  5. Put the flipbook together
  6. Punch two holes on the left side of each page of the flipbook. Use a ruler to make sure the holes are in the same spots on each page. Stack the pages in order. Thread the string through each hole and tighten it before tying. The flipbook can be used to create the animation of an animal walking or running.