What Is the Early History of the Regal Cinema in Lima, Ohio?

What Is the Early History of the Regal Cinema in Lima, Ohio?

There have been three Regal Cinema movie theaters in Lima, Ohio, since the company was founded in 1989: Regal Cinema 3, Regal Cinema 7 and Regal American Mall Stadium 12. Of these three, the latter two are still in operation, as of 2015.

The first location, the Regal Cinema 3, was a small three-screen theater originally built by General Cinema in the mid-'70s. Also known as the Lima City Center I-II-III, it was located near the Lima Mall. It closed its doors in 2006.

Regal Cinema 7, built by the Regal Cinemas national chain of movie theaters, is a seven-screen multiplex that opened in 1990. It is located by the Lima Mall, less than a mile southeast from the Regal Cinema 3 location that it was built to replace.

The most recent addition to the Regal Cinema theaters in Lima, Ohio, is the American Mall 12 location, opened in 2006 around the time of the closing of the Regal Cinema 3. It is a 12-screen multiplex that seats up to 1,926 people. The Regal Stadium 12 location, as well as the American Mall, are located several miles south of the Lima Mall and the earlier two Regal Cinemas.

The Regal Cinema chain, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Regal Entertainment Group, was first formed in 1989. Twelve years later and financially overextended, it merged with United Artists and Edwards Theaters to become one of the largest national movie theater chains, operating over 571 theaters, as of 2015.