What Are Some of the Eagles' Biggest Hit Songs?


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The biggest hit songs by the Eagles include "Hotel California," "One of These Nights" and "Best Of My Love." Each song reached the number one position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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The Eagles released "Hotel California" on an album of the same name in 1976, but the song wasn't released as a single until February 1977. It became one of the group's most well-known songs, and fans have created several interpretations of the lyrics. The song is about a traveler checking into a hotel which he cannot leave, and serves as a metaphor for excess and greed.

"One of These Nights" is a 1975 single released on an album of the same name. This song refers to procrastination and the postponement of one's dreams to another night. The album version of the song has an intro and fade-out, which were cut when it was released as a single.

"Best Of My Love," released on the 1974 album "On The Border," was the band's first single to reach number one on the Hot 100 chart. The band wrote part of this breakup song at a Los Angeles restaurant while observing other people's relationships. When released as a single, the song's fade-out was cut.

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