What Are Some of the Duggars' Religious Beliefs?


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The Duggars refer to themselves as "Independent Baptists" who believe that God should determine how many children they have. They believe in homeschooling and chaperoned courtship. They restrict their children's access to movies and other entertainment outlets. They also have strict rules on appearance, including a modest dress code and a "no short haircut" rule for females. Males must remain clean-shaven and maintain a short haircut.

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The Duggar family is typically best known for its popular reality TV show, "19 Kids and Counting." They only agreed to do the show under the condition that religion would be part of the show. Throughout the series, purity, modesty and faith in God are stressed as their core values. The show first aired in 2008 as "17 Kids and Counting."

In 2015, the Duggar family became the center of controversy when police reports surfaced that son Josh Duggar had been previously accused of sexual molestation against five minors. Four of the girls he allegedly molested were his sisters. Josh subsequently released a statement on Facebook apologizing for his actions. Due to the scandal, TLC canceled the show on July 16, 2015. The show aired a total of 227 episodes throughout its 10-season run.

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