How Do You Dress up Like Umbreon for Cosplay?

How Do You Dress up Like Umbreon for Cosplay?

To dress up like Umbreon for "cosplay," or costume play, you need a basic black outfit, yellow circle and stripe accents, the signature squirrel-shaped tail and rabbit-shaped ears. The process of making the costume and putting it on should take about an hour.

  1. Dress in black

    Wear a black, long-sleeved shirt or a black, sleeveless shirt paired with a lightweight black jacket. Also wear black pants or a black skirt with black tights, leggings or leg warmers.

  2. Make a headband

    Attach two rabbit-shaped ears to a headband. You can use black socks, cotton jersey or felt to make the pointy ears. The ears may either stand straight up or fall to the side of the head.

  3. Add a tail

    Attach a squirrel-shaped black tail to the middle of a black belt. You can use fur or cotton jersey stuffed with batting to make the tail. You can also buy a prefabricated tail at a costume store. Wear the belt around your waist.

  4. Accent with yellow

    Add circle and stripe accents to your costume with yellow duct tape or electrical tape. Put a stripe around each ear, about 2 inches from the tip of the ear. Add a stripe around the tail, about 6 inches from the tip of the tail. Also add a stripe just below each knee. Make two circles on the outside of each leg and one on each shoulder.