How Do You Draw Yoshi?

How Do You Draw Yoshi?

To draw Yoshi, draw two circles and an oval. Finalize by inserting the minor sections. You need a drawing paper, an eraser, a drawing surface and a pencil. It takes a few minutes to complete this task.

  1. Draw the oval and two circles

    Using a pencil, draw a large oval to form the midsection. Draw a circle half the size of the oval so that it touches the top of the oval but slightly to the left. Draw a slightly bigger circle but smaller than the oval directly above the oval but, not touching the oval. The two circles should slightly overlap.

  2. Draw eyes and limbs

    Draw two egg shapes half the size of the smaller circle each to form the eyes. Draw a thin pipe on each side of the oval, slightly near the top, one pointing upward and the other down. Draw a circle of the same size as the head circle at the end of each pipe to form hands. Apply the same procedure to draw the legs. However, the leg pipes come near the bottom but still on the sides of the midsection. Each boot should be oval shaped and half the size of the midsection oval.

  3. Connect the circles and ovals, erase overlaps and draw the minor sections

    Connect all the circles and ovals, and erase all the overlapping arcs. Draw the shell, the eye pupils, the rounded spikes running down the back, his nostrils, a line that separates the underbelly from the body, his fingers and the definition on the boots.