How Do You Draw Winter Scenery?


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To draw winter scenery, choose a bright white paper with a smooth surface to capture reflections and a range of sharp pencils; pick references wisely, organize the scene, and don't be afraid of dark shading. In all, the materials, subject matter and technique you follow affect your drawing of a winter scene.

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Although some texture might be fine for some scenes, generally, a smooth surface allows you to capture the crisp, bright shades of a winter scene more effectively. The paper should also be very white, as off-white paper may create dull results. The drawing of shiny ice requires crisp lines, for which you need very well-sharpened pencils. The chalkiness achieved with pastels may also be fine for getting some types of snow scenes right.

When choosing the point of reference, it is crucial to remember that not all photographs make for great drawing, and it is fine to choose only a small portion of the photograph to capture the best scene in a drawing. Only the brightest areas of snow should be pure white, so remember to make the transition to fine shading in shadowed snow scenes. When organizing the scenes, create divisions of tonal values to achieve the greatest effects in such transitions. Low winter scenes throw many kinds of shadows for which you can use dark shading.

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