How Do You Draw a Wicked Clown?

How Do You Draw a Wicked Clown?

Draw a wicked clown by first deciding how big you want the clown to be. Draw an outline of the facial features and hair to guide you as you draw. Then, draw the clown's face and add the facial features. Draw the clown’s hair next or choose to have a bald clown. Erase the outline you drew earlier. Color the clown to enhance its visual impact.

  1. Draw the head

    Draw a round circle for the clown’s head. You can choose how big or how small the head is. Add the outline for the facial features. The outline guides you as you draw.

  2. Draw the chin and hair

    Draw a narrow chin next. Follow by drawing the clown’s hair. If you want a bald clown, you can skip this part.

  3. Add facial features

    Draw a circle from the clown’s nose. Add an open mouth and the eyes. The two eyes can be of different shapes to add character to the clown’s face. Draw bags under the clown's eyes and deep frown lines.

  4. Draw the hairstyle

    Sketch out the hairstyle and the side hair caps.

  5. Add details and definition

    Draw the bony shape of the face. Define the bone structure. Add finishing touches to the hairline.

  6. Draw the clown’s mouth

    Draw the mouth. Add long and narrow teeth to give the clown a wicked look.

  7. Color the clown

    Erase the outline you drew earlier. Finish by coloring the clown with vibrant colors.