How Do You Draw a Volleyball?

Draw a volleyball by following these steps: study volleyball structure, draw a circle, add three slightly curved radii and add lines for the panels. You need pencil and paper or a computer drawing program.

  1. Study the volleyball structure

    Volleyballs are round with six identical sections. Each section has three identical rectangular panels. The sections are stitched together around a bladder to form a circular ball.

  2. Draw a circle

    Draw a circle as the outline of the volleyball. Don't worry about making it perfect, because volleyballs are not spheres.

  3. Add three-curved radii

    From the center of the ball, add a radius that is slightly arched in its center. Add two more radii to divide the ball into three equal sections. Make sure that each radius is arching in the same way.

  4. Add lines connecting the radii

    Add two lines in each section to show the three panels. Make the curve of each line the same as the curve of each radius. Draw so that it appears that two of the panels closest to the radius are equal in width and the one near the border of the circle is smaller so that it appears to wrap around out of view. Remember to make the direction of the panels parallel to one edge of the circle in each section and perpendicular to the panels of the adjacent section.