How Do You Draw a Turkey With Your Handprint?

How Do You Draw a Turkey With Your Handprint?

How Do You Draw a Turkey With Your Handprint?

To draw a turkey with your handprint, paint the palm and thumbprint of your hand brown, then paint the other fingers a different color, to represent colorful turkey feathers. Press your painted hand onto a blank sheet of paper. Allow the paint to dry, then draw on the eyes, beak, mouth and legs. You can use a variety of art supplies to enhance your handprint turkey as well.

  1. Paint your hand

    Use a large paintbrush to paint the palm and thumb of your hand generously with brown tempura paint to create the body and head of the turkey. Use a narrow paintbrush to paint your other four fingers, each one a different color, for the turkey feathers. Common autumn colors, such as red, orange, yellow and green, are often used for the feathers, but you can use any colors you prefer.

  2. Press your hand onto paper

    Spread your fingers slightly and press your hand firmly on sturdy light-colored construction paper. Lift your hand to reveal the turkey-like hand print. Wash your hand to remove the paint. Allow the handprint turkey to dry completely.

  3. Add turkey features to the handprint

    When the handprint is fully dry, use a black marker to dry an eye onto the tip of the thumb, and draw two legs below the bottom of the palm. You can also glue on a small craft googly eye, if you prefer. Cut out a tiny triangle out of yellow construction paper for the beak, and glue it onto the tip of the thumb. Use a red marker to draw on a snood, the red flap of skin below a turkey's mouth, just below the thumb.