How Do You Draw a Turkey?

To draw a turkey, sketch a circle for the body, add the neck and head, outline the feathers, draw the legs and finish the details. This takes only a few minutes and requires a piece of paper and a pencil.

  1. Draw the body

    Draw a round circle for the body of the turkey. Toward the top of the circle, sketch in an upward curving line that does not quite meet up with the lines of the circle.

  2. Sketch in the neck and head

    At the upward curving line in the circle, draw two vertical lines that rise above the circle. This represents the neck. At the top of the neck, draw a circle for the head that curves in and then back out to create cheeks.

  3. Outline the feathers and wings

    Draw another circle, starting at the bottom of the body and curving up over the head and back down to the bottom of the body. As you draw the circle, make small curves for the tops of the feathers. On either side of the body, draw in the wings.

  4. Draw the legs

    At the bottom of the body on the left side, draw a vertical line that curves into three toes before finishing just parallel of where it started for one leg. Repeat this process at the bottom right of the body for the second leg.

  5. Add the finishing details

    Draw in the individual feathers. Sketch in the beak and the comb on top of the head.