How Do You Draw Tribal Patterns?


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Tribal patterns consist of intricate patterns layered in rows. To achieve a tribal pattern, use a ruler or a straight-edge as a guide for each row. Using any material from marker to paint, create simple lines or geometric patterns along the edge of the ruler. Repeat this for multiple rows until a tribal pattern begins to emerge.

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Tribal print originated in Africa among its native tribes. Original African tribal print included geometric patterns mostly consisting of straight lines. To achieve a tribal print true to its original pattern, use shapes like triangles and zigzags. Because the old African tribes did not have synthetic, manufactured dyes like today, they used natural dyes.

When creating your tribal print, use colors that can be found in nature like greens, reds, browns, and blues. For a more complex tribal print, use the same geometric patterns in tessellations instead of rows. Though African tribal print is considered "traditional," according to Slate.com, now it is considered fashionable everywhere, not only in Africa. Some of the world's biggest designers like Burberry and Agnes B. are using tribal print in the newest looks on the runway, Slate.com says. Some even use it to upholster furniture, according to Slate.com.

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