How Do I Draw Tribal Flames?

How Do I Draw Tribal Flames?

Learn how to draw the popular tribal flames with these few simple steps. Drawing tribal flames can be a creative and fun activity that only takes a few minutes.

  1. Draw the lining of the tribal flames

    First, draw one line with a slight curve that will serve as the center of the drawing. Next, draw various squiggly lines branching off and crossing each other. These lines will be the lining of the tribal flames and will serve as a guideline while drawing.

  2. Shape the body texture

    Once the outline of the tribal flame has been drawn, it is time to focus on the actual body of the flame. Shape the tribal flame's body texture by drawing pointed edges and shapes, enclosing the lining of the tribal flames. The pointed edges and shapes looks like spears or the tops of axes. Shape the bottom and the top of the tribal flame separately.

  3. Erase guidelines

    After shaping and creating the body of the flames, erase the guidelines drawn from step one that are now lines inside the flames. Erase any other additional or extraneous marks that you may have.

  4. Color in the tribal flame

    Finally, color in the tribal flame with the desired colors.