How Do You Draw a Tiger's Face?


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Draw a tiger's face by sketching simple shapes for the head, eyes, ears and nose and then drawing additional components. Start out by drawing all lines lightly with a pencil, and then darken the lines once you finish the drawing. Finally, color the drawing.

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  1. Sketch a triangular head

    Draw a triangle with very rounded edges, narrow side up, for the head. Add upside-down U shapes for the ears, one on the upper-left side of the head and one on the upper-right side. Draw a medium-sized circle on the lower half of the face for the snout. Add a triangle, narrow side down, within the top-half of the snout for the nose. Draw a vertical line in the middle of the nose and a nostril on each side.

  2. Add details

    Draw almond shapes for the eyes and circles for the inner ears. Add pupils and any other preferred details to the eyes. Add an upside-down V, curved outward, below the nose for the mouth. Put in three or four rows of small spots on the left and right side of the snout, adding thin lines spreading outward from these spots for the whiskers. Draw thick stripes on the forehead and cheeks that follow the curvature of the face.

  3. Add final touches

    Go over the pencil outlines, and draw over the lines you want to keep with a dark pen. Draw ragged outlines to depict fur, and add dark outlines around the eyes. Erase the extra pencil lines. Color the tiger's stripes black and fur orange, omitting the chin, the area with whisker dots, the cheeks and inner ears. Color the nose pink and the eyes yellow-green.

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