How Do You Draw With Three-Point Perspective?


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To draw with three-point perspective, use three vanishing points and two sets of lines to draw horizontals that move away from the artist in each direction. The structure depicted must become narrower near the height of the structure, while the edges at the farthest point of the structure must appear smaller. The edge of the structure nearest to the viewer must also appear to be the tallest.

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To draw a simple box-shaped structure with a three-point perspective, draw a horizon line and three vanishing points. Two of the vanishing lines must be on the horizon, while the third vanishing line is drawn from a point above or below the structure. Draw the line for the horizon very low, and add a perpendicular line from the top vanishing point. Drawing the vanishing points close together distorts the image, as if it is being viewed from a wide-angle lens, while drawing the vanishing points farther apart creates a more realistic appearance.

Lightly draw construction lines for the box starting at the left vanishing point. Draw the lines straight until they are approximately 1/3 of the way up the vertical line, and then begin drawing back down to the vanishing point on the right. Draw another line starting at the left vanishing point that goes approximately 2/3 of the way up the line, then draw the line straight to the vanishing point on the right. These two lines are the top and bottom edges of the box. Next, draw two lines from the top vanishing point to show the front and back right edges of the box.

To finish the box, draw a line from the lower back corner to the vanishing point on the left, then draw a line from the lower left corner to the vanishing point on the right. These lines intersect to create the back corner and underside of the box. Erase all the working lines, and darken the lines that show the sides of the box. Shade the sides of the box to give it a more three-dimensional appearance, and use a darker tone underneath.

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