How Do You Draw a Table?

How Do You Draw a Table?

To draw a simple table, draw four upright rectangles for the legs and then connect them with a bigger rectangle for the tabletop. To make the table look three dimensional, add sides to the legs and top as well as accurate shading.

It is quick and easy to draw a table with straight lines for the legs and another line connecting them for the top. With a little practice, it is just as simple to draw a more detailed picture.

Step 1: Draw the legs

Draw two long, thin rectangles for the table's front legs. Next, draw two more rectangles for the back legs. These should be drawn a bit higher and to the right of the front legs.

Step 2: Draw the tabletop

Draw a long skinny rectangle to join the front legs together. This represents the front of the tabletop. Then draw the tabletop itself, connecting the four legs. The short sides will be slightly slanted, which adds dimension. Add another long skinny rectangle on the right side of the table to connect the right front and back legs together.

Step 4: Add depth to the drawing

To add some depth to the legs, add a rectangle on the sides of each of them. The short bottom line should angle backwards. Add some shading and color to complete the drawing.