How Do You Draw a Swan?

How Do You Draw a Swan?

To draw a swan, draw a large oval for the body, extend two parallel curves from the oval for a neck, insert wings, webbed feet, beak, eyes and feathers. Shade the feet and face to define the swan.

  1. Outline the swan

    Draw a slanting oval to outline the body, draw an S-shaped curve from the middle of the oval upwards. Outline the neck and head by extending the curve so two-thirds of it is outside the oval and drawing a small oval at the upper end of the curve. To outline the wings, draw arcs on both sides of the larger oval so the neck is between the arcs. Underneath the larger oval, draw two circles so each of them partly extends to the inside of the oval, and extend a short line from each circle.

  2. Complete the parts

    Draw two parallel curves with the initial curve in the middle to define the neck size, add a cone-shaped beak to the head oval, and insert eyes into the head. Erase the arcs extending to the inside of the larger oval, complete the wings, and draw webbed legs at the end of the short lines extending from the small circles. Draw smaller feathers at the base of the wings, and gradually elongate the feathers as you move away from the base. Then, add light feathers on the belly and tail.

  3. Shade the swan

    Shade the beak and area near the eyes to define the face. Shade the feet too.