How Do You Draw a Surprised Face?

How Do You Draw a Surprised Face?

Drawing a surprised face is done by focusing on two main parts of the face, the eyes and the mouth. A surprised face has raised eyebrows, eyes wide open and the mouth pulled down.

  1. Outline the shape of the face

    Draw the outline of the face. This can be round or oval, depending on the type of character you want to draw. You can look in the mirror or at other people to see how the face is shaped.

  2. Draw the eyes

    Start with the eyebrows. They should be slightly above their normal position. Next, draw the eyes. Make sure they are widened. The size of the pupils does not change with facial expression, but you can make them slightly smaller to emphasize the widening of the eyes.

  3. Draw the mouth

    To easily estimate the position of the mouth on the face, start by drawing the nose first. You can use simple lines for this. Afterward, add in the mouth. If you don't have enough space at the bottom part of the face for an opened mouth, simply adjust the jaw. The upper lip remains in its usual place. It is only the lower lip that is pulled down, giving the expression of the jaw dropped.

  4. Add in details

    Put it some shading to make your drawing more realistic. Also, add in the ears and hair if you haven't drawn them yet.