How Do You Draw a Sunset?

draw-sunset Credit: Rebecca Nelson/Moment/Getty Images

In order to draw a sunset, you need to create a couple of basic shapes. The first is the line of the horizon and the second is a half circle to represent the sun. You then need to add in the colors of the sunset, which include oranges, reds, pinks and purples.

Once you have created the shape of the sun setting over the horizon line, decide whether you want to add in the shapes of clouds. Clouds reflect the colors of the sunset, and they can add interest to your piece. Your clouds may overlap the sun or float above it. You could also add silhouettes in the foreground of your drawing.

Try using palm trees to evoke the beach, or buildings to show that the scene is in the city. You may also change your horizon line to be mountainous or watery depending on the location of the sunset. However, the most important thing about drawing a sunset is the colors. No matter what your medium, make sure you choose your colors to reflect the bright shades found in nature. You may wish to color your sun orange or yellow, your clouds pink, orange or purple, and your foreground shapes black. Feel free to use a real sunset or a picture of a sunset for reference.