How Do You Draw Stick Figures?


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To draw a stick figure, first obtain a pencil and paper. It only takes a minute or two to draw a stick figure by starting with a circle and adding additional lines and shapes.

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  1. Start with a circle

    First, draw a circle shape. Add facial features, such as eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears and hair.

  2. Draw the body

    If your stick figure is male, draw a line from the base of the circle downwards. This line should be of medium length and proportional to the circle drawn for the head. If your stick figure is female, you may wish to draw a triangle body to indicate a skirt or a dress.

  3. Add arms and legs

    After sketching the head and body, add arms to either side of the torso by drawing straight lines. Then, add the legs. If your stick figure is male, start at the ending point of the line connected to the head and draw additional lines on either side. This should look similar to an upside down V shape. If your stick figure is female, draw two vertical lines along the bottom of the triangle for her legs.

  4. Sketch in the hands and feet

    To complete your stick figure, add hands by drawing five short lines at the ending point of each arm. Next, add feet by sketching a triangle shape at the end of each leg.

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