How Do You Draw a Spider Web?

How Do You Draw a Spider Web?

To draw a spider web, simply draw a small circle, and draw straight lines running from the circumference of the circle. Draw the curves between the lines to complete the web. You need a paper, a pencil, an eraser, a black marker and a flat surface to complete this task.

  1. Draw a circle and the lines

    Set your paper on a flat surface. Using a pencil, draw a tiny circle or a bold dot in the middle of the paper. Starting from its circumference, draw straight lines outward. The lines have to be like spokes of a wheel, and they don't have to be equal in length. Randomly space the lines to make your drawing more realistic.

  2. Connect the lines

    Connect the ends of the lines with lines that curve inward. Draw curved lines underneath each other in one of the closed spaces. The curves don't have to be evenly spaced. This forms a guide for drawing other curved lines in the spider web. Make curved lines in the other closed spaces, joining the ends of the curves. Use the eraser to erase any mistakes in the drawing.

  3. Apply black marker

    Finally, draw a black marker over the pencil lines to make the lines more visible.