How Do You Draw a Spider?

How Do You Draw a Spider?

Draw a spider by drawing two ovals for the body, drawing four symmetrical pairs of legs and adding final details. You need a pencil and paper or drawing software.

  1. Draw ovals to represent the body

    Draw a squashed oval for the upper body of the spider. Below it, add a second oval for the abdomen. Make the abdomen the same width as the upper body, but slightly tapered at the bottom.

  2. Add four symmetrical pairs of legs

    Draw two legs on either side of the upper body, pointing up. Draw each leg the length of both ovals combined. Next, add a second pair of legs beneath the first pair, but longer and pointing at upward angles. Draw a third pair of equal length below the second pair, pointing at downward angles. Add a final pair of legs where the body sections join together, and draw them pointing down. Taper the legs at the tip, and bend them at the joints.

  3. Add details

    For added detail, draw a pattern on the upper body such as a diamond or hourglass. Add hair to the body and legs. Add a small bulge to the upper body to suggest a head. Include eyes and mandibles.