How Do You Draw a Sphere?

How Do You Draw a Sphere?

One way to draw a sphere is to draw a circle and shade it with a crayon. You need a sheet of paper, a crayon, a pencil, a cotton ball, an eraser, a compass and a drawing board to accomplish this task.

  1. Draw a circle

    Lay the paper on a drawing board. Fasten the pencil on a compass and draw a circle on the paper. Make sure not to distort the stretch of the compass when drawing to avoid an improper circle.

  2. Shade the circle

    Decide your light source and use the crayon to lightly shade around that space. Use quick, gentle sketching motions. Smooth out the shading with a cotton ball to give your sphere a smooth, reflective surface. Take caution not to smudge the reflection of the light source.

  3. Darken the shadows

    Shade the sections where the light source does not hit and use the cotton ball to smooth. This creates the midtone.

  4. Shade the core shadow

    Shade the side opposite the light source to create the core shadow. Smooth the shading with a cotton ball. This is the darkest part of the sphere. Use the eraser to erase any out-of-line marks, taking care not to distort the shading within the sphere.