How Do You Draw a Snowman?


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To draw a simple snowman, gather paper and a pencil, marker or crayon. Draw a line at the bottom of the page; this represents the ground. On top of that line, draw the snowball that will serve as the snowman's base. Add a smaller snowball on top of that one, and a third snowball on top of that. Draw his features on the top snowball. Use two circles for eyes, four for a mouth and a carrot for a nose.

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Continue dressing the simple snowman by placing three circles on the middle snowball to act as coat buttons. Between the top and middle snowballs, draw a scarf. On top of the snowman's head, draw a hat. Finally, draw sticks protruding from the sides of the middle snowball to serve as arms.

For variations on the simple snowman, change the look of the accessories. Instead of a winter hat, draw a top hat. In place of stick arms, draw two snowballs on the sides of the middle snowball. Give the snowman additional accessories, such as a broom or shovel to hold.

Change the look of the drawing by choosing alternate art supplies. Use watercolor or tempera paint instead of a pencil or marker. Brush a thin layer of glitter glue over the snowman to give the picture the appearance of fresh, sparkling snow.

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