How Do You Draw a Simple Car?

How Do You Draw a Simple Car?

To draw a simple car, you need to reduce the design down to its most basic shapes. By using this method, you can create a basic car of the style you desire.

Start by drawing two horizontally parallel circles near the bottom of the page, leaving about one circles width between them. Draw two smaller circles in the center of each circle. Next, draw a straight line connecting the two outer circles. These are the wheels and bottom of your car. Add a bumper by drawing one small oval, just above horizontal center, on the outside of one of the large circles. Place the oval so that it comes slightly below the line connecting the large circles. Repeat on the other side.

Extend the bottom of the car line so that it connects to the bumper ovals; do not draw through the circles or into the ovals. If you draw through the circles to ensure a straight line, erase the line that falls within the circles.

Draw an arched line, resembling a smile, vertically centered and above the circles. The width needs to be slightly longer than the line connecting the large circles. This is your car's seating area. Draw another arched line that connects the right edge of the previous line to the right bumper for the trunk. Repeat this on the left to make your hood.

Add two small straight lines connected to the left side of the seating area line. This is the steering column. Lastly, add an oval to make the steering wheel and color in if desired.