How Do You Draw a Seahorse?

How Do You Draw a Seahorse?

To draw a seahorse, start with a circle, draw a squiggly line under it, add guidelines for the mouth and ear, and position the fin on back with a square. Draw the head, add a rounded belly and curly tail, and sketch the seahorse's crest.

  1. Sketch the guidelines

    Lightly sketch a circle in the top quarter of the paper. Draw a gently curving line dropping below the circle that ends in a curl for the tail. Sketch a square in the center of the curve. Add a line from the lower left part of the circle to position the mouth and another at the top for the ear.

  2. Draw the eye

    Draw two small curves at the top of the circle. Swoop a line into the circle for the eyelid. Draw a circle just below the eyelid for the eye, and add a dark pupil inside. The eye should be just left of center inside the head circle.

  3. Add the nose and mouth

    Draw a duck-bill shape starting from the eye and ending in the lower right of the head circle. Follow the curve of the circle starting in the right corner, but draw it out before it reaches the duck bill shape. Echo the line of the duck bill for the lower jaw.

  4. Add the ear

    Draw a blunt cone topped with a small oval over the line positioning the ear. Erase all head and face guidelines.

  5. Draw the body

    Starting at the ear, draw a curved line that echoes the positioning line. The line should swoop around and into the curl of the tail. Start below the jaw, and draw a gentle arc that creates a rounded belly. Draw this line into the curl.

  6. Complete the seahorse

    Make a small fin where the square juts out from the guideline. Add lines for the spines, and erase the guidelines. Draw a jagged line starting from the top of the head, ending before the fin, for the seahorse's crest.