How Do You Draw Scary Things?

A Grim Reaper is one scary thing you can draw by starting out with a framework, drawing the head and hood, sketching the body and adding details. Drawing a scary Grim Reaper takes roughly 40 minutes and requires a pencil, an eraser and paper. Colored pencils are optional.

  1. Draw the framework

    Lightly sketch a tall triangle with a circle on top to give a framework for drawing the head and body of the Grim Reaper. Add a vertical line slightly taller than the head to the left of the reaper.

  2. Start adding details

    Using a light line, draw a slight arc from the top of the line to represent the sickle. Place one circle to position the hand halfway down the line and another circle parallel but on the far side of the figure.

  3. Sketch the head

    Lightly draw a cross in the top circle, placing the center where you want the eyes to meet. Draw half circles on either side for the eyes. Add a triangular nose under the center. On the far side from the center, draw a dark line down to mark the edge of the cowl. Follow the line of the circle down and around the face, adding bumps for the skull. At the very bottom, draw teeth.

  4. Complete the cowl

    Sketch a rounded triangle, from the back of the head for the cowl. Make the triangle a little wider around the face for the hem.

  5. Draw the hands

    Draw bony fingers topped with sharp nails in the circles marking their spots. The thumb should be perpendicular to the rest of the fingers on each hand.

  6. Draw the robe

    Working down from the head, draw wavy lines along the triangle to represent the robe. Add sleeves to connect both hands. Finish with a wavy line at the bottom.

  7. Add details

    Following the framework lines, draw the handle and blade of the sickle, with a circle for a nail attaching the two. Sketch an hourglass in the reaper's other hand. If desired, add skeletal feet poking out from below the robe. Erase any remaining framework lines, and color if desired.