How Do You Draw Santa Claus?

How Do You Draw Santa Claus?

Draw Santa Claus by starting with his belly, drawing in the head, adding the arms and legs and sketching in the details. This takes only a few minutes, and you need a pencil and a piece of paper.

  1. Draw the belly

    Draw a round circle for the belly.

  2. Draw the head

    At the top of the first circle, draw a much smaller circle for the head. Add the eyes, ears and nose. Sketch in the mustache below the eyes and nose. Add the beard by drawing another circle starting at one side of the mustache and ending it at the other side. Finish by adding eyebrows above the eyes and whiskers in the beard.

  3. Add the arms

    Draw in the arms. Add one on the left of the belly with a mitten on the hand. Add the other arm on the opposite side of the circle by drawing an oval on the outside of the circle. Then draw another oval on the left of the first, and a third on the left of the second, to make a folded arm and gloved hand.

  4. Add the legs

    At the bottom of the belly, add the two legs, ending in pointed toes for the boots. Above the foot, finish the boot by drawing in a rectangle.

  5. Sketch in the details

    Draw a line down the middle of the belly circle, and curve it to the right and left of the circle for Santa's coat. At the top of the head, sketch in the hat. Finish by drawing a circle partially behind and to the right of the belly circle for Santa's toy bag.