How Do You Draw a Sailboat?


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Draw a sailboat by sketching the sails and hull, drawing the seating area and adding the details. This project takes only a few minutes and requires a piece of paper and a pencil.

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  1. Sketch the sails

    Draw a tall triangle with the left side curving slightly and the bottom slanting downward for the first sail. Next to it and one-half inch lower, sketch a another triangle that only comes to the middle of the first one. Keep the left side of the triangle straight and the right side curved.

  2. Add the hull

    Add a curved rectangle just below the first sail. Allow the edges to come to a rounded point in front of the second shorter sail.

  3. Draw the seating area of the boat

    On the left side of the hull, draw a sideways rounded door shape. On the right side of the door shape, add a notched square. This is the seating area.

  4. Add the details of the sails

    On the right side of the first sail, draw a long mast. On the left side of both sails, sketch a horizontal line one-third of the way down the sail and another line one-third of the way below the first line. At the bottom of both sail, add horizontal crossbars.

  5. Draw the details of the hull

    Add edge lines around the hull with a bar at the front. Draw lines in the seating area to give the area a three-dimensional quality. Sketch a V-shape at the left side of the hull, and add lines to give it depth.

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