How Do You Draw a Rooster?


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To draw a rooster, you must start with its outline. This consists of basic shapes, such as ovals and triangles. The basic shape of the rooster is a curved triangle for the neck, an oval for the mid-body and a slightly smaller oval for the tail.

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Define the head, wattle and base of the legs with small and basic down-hanging ovals for the legs and wattle, and a small circle for the head. Erase the outlines from these shapes and the basic shapes that appear to be unnecessary. Once the empty shape of the rooster is done, fill in the more complex details. Begin with the tail feathers by drawing long ovular shapes that fill in and go outside of the basic tail shape you drew initially.

Draw the basic shape of the legs and feet, and proceed to shade them when you finish the other details. Next, draw a winged patch surrounding the eye, a beak and a semicircle below the beak. Draw the eye and beak details. Add the wing outline and the comb, and then shade. Pay close attention to shading on the feet, as they are the most difficult part. Sketch in some feathers and shade to complete the drawing.

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