How Do You Draw a Reindeer?

How Do You Draw a Reindeer?

Draw a reindeer by starting with the head, sketching in the horns, outlining the back, drawing the legs and adding the details. This takes less than 30 minutes. You need a pencil and a piece of paper.

  1. Start with the head

    Draw a diagonal line that moves downward for the forehead, curves into the snout and moves back up for the cheek to create a rounded wedge-shape. From the cheek, continue the line to form the neck. Sketch in the eyes and pointed ear.

  2. Sketch in the horns

    At the top of the forehead, sketch in the branches of the horns. Add the other set of horns just on the other side of the first set.

  3. Outline the back

    From the horns, draw a diagonal line for the top of the neck that moves into a horizontal line for the back. At the end of the back, sketch in the rounded rump.

  4. Draw the legs

    From the underside of the neck, draw a vertical line that moves into a rounded hoof and then back up to form the front leg. Repeat this process for the other front leg. From the rump, draw an arching line that moves into a downward diagonal line for the hind leg. Draw a hoof, and finish the front of the hind leg. Repeat this process for the other hind leg.

  5. Sketch in the belly

    Connect the front legs and hind legs with a curving horizontal line for the belly.

  6. Add the details

    Add a nostril for the nose. Draw a short, stubby tail at the top of the rump.