How Do You Draw Realistic Lips?


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There are many ways to draw realistic lips, but one simple method requires drawing the outline of the lips, blending the tones, figuring out where to put the highlights and making tone adjustments. You need graphite pencils in 3B, B and H, as well as drawing paper.

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  1. Draw the outline of the lips

    Draw the upper lip using the H pencil. Make the bottom of the upper lip curved slightly upwards. Draw the top of the upper lip so that it looks like a wide, flattened upside-down "W."

  2. Shade in the upper lip

    Use the B pencil to lightly shade in the bottom of the upper lip. Use the 3B pencil to shade in the right and left side of the upper lip. Make one side slightly darker than the other. Lightly shade the middle of the upper lip with the B pencil, leaving a small strip of the paper unshaded to create a highlight.

  3. Shade in the lower lip

    Shade in the lower lip with the 3B pencil. Leave the area in the middle of the lip lighter than the rest. Make soft vertical lines to suggest the natural texture of lips. Shade the middle curve of the lower lip darker than the rest of the lip's outline.

  4. Shade the area around the lips

    Use the B pencil to lightly shade around the lips. Create highlights by putting more pressure on the pencil in some areas and light pressure in others. Use the tip of your pinkie finger to smooth out the tones.

  5. Adjust the tones

    Use your pinkie finger to smooth out the dark areas on the lips. Darken areas where the lips meet.

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