How Do You Draw a Realistic Eye?

How Do You Draw a Realistic Eye?

To draw a realistic eye, draw the basic shape, then draw the eyelids, pupil, iris details, eyelashes and lighting against the eye. You need a pencil and sketchpad.

  1. Draw the eye outline

    Draw one small circle. Draw another larger circle around this first circle. Draw a third, even larger circle around this second circle.

  2. Draw the upper eyelid

    Sketch a horizontal line through the top section of the second circle, just above the center circle. Starting from the left side of this line, draw a curved line pointing down to the edge of the outermost circle. The end of the line is a little more than halfway down the three circles. Draw another curved line parallel to this line on the right side of the circles.

  3. Draw the lower eyelid

    Draw a curved line directly under the second circle. Draw the right side of the curved line until it meets the edge of the upper eyelid. Stop drawing the left side of the curved line before it reaches the edge of the outer circle. Connect the upper and lower left eyelids with a sharp triangle shape.

  4. Finish the eye shape

    Draw a line above the upper eyelid to finish the eyelid shape. Draw a diagonal line near the left edge of the outer circle between the upper and lower eyelids to form the tear duct.

  5. Shade the eye

    Shade the inside of the tear duct and color in the center circle. Draw long, twisted lines inside the second circle for the iris.

  6. Finish the eye details

    Outline the upper lid, then draw curved lines flaring out to the right side to form eyelashes. Add short lines to the bottom right of the eye for the bottom eyelashes. Form a small circle shape with an eraser on the upper left side of the pupil. Erase a larger circle shape to the right of the pupil, sitting in the middle of the pupil and the iris.