How Do You Draw a Puppy Step by Step?

How Do You Draw a Puppy Step by Step?

Puppies are cute animals that can be fun and simple to draw. There are many different ways to draw a puppy; this guide explains how to draw a small, cute picture.

  1. Draw the bases for the head and body

    For the bases of the head and body, draw two circles. The top one should be a large egg shape, and the lower one should be a decent amount smaller.

  2. Draw the ears

    Draw two droopy ears on each side of the head. Parts of the ears should go over the original outline of the head.

  3. Draw the face

    Draw two large, thick ovals on the face, and fill them in. Leave two spaces inside the ovals to show the pupils. Then draw a very tiny triangular nose and a tiny line for the mouth. Draw a tiny tongue sticking out of the mouth.

  4. Draw the body

    Using the small bottom base as an outline, begin drawing a body as seen from the side. Draw two front legs and one hind leg to give the appearance that the puppy is sitting down. Include a small tail behind the hind leg.

  5. Thicken the lines

    Now that the basic shape of the puppy is there, thicken the lines that are too light and erase any lines that are left from the outlines. This creates a clear image of a puppy.