How Do You Draw a Pine Tree?

How Do You Draw a Pine Tree?

To draw a simple pine tree, fill in a large cone with smaller cones stacked atop one another, add detail by etching jagged lines which follow along the curve of each inner cone to create boughs, and draw an additional cone beneath the bottom of the tree for the trunk. The project takes less than 30 minutes.

  1. Draw a cone

    Begin by forming the main body of the tree. Draw a large cone with a point at the top extending down to a rounded bottom to create the illusion of depth.

  2. Divide the cone into four smaller cones

    Draw three lines of relatively equal distance from one another to split the single cone into four separate cones.

  3. Add jagged edges to the bottom of each cone

    Apply a rough, pine-needle-like edge to the bottom of each cone by drawing downward-facing points which follow along the cone's curve.

  4. Add definition to the pine tree

    Draw small lines along each of the four layers of the tree to give your pine tree a shaggy appearance. Curve each line on the left-hand side of the tree slightly down to the left and each line on the right-hand side slightly down to the right to maintain the illusion of depth.

  5. Draw the trunk

    Visualize a thin cone with points beginning just below the tip of your tree and extending down to just beneath the center of the final cone of the tree. Draw the bottom of this skinny cone where it peaks out of the tree to complete the tree's trunk.