How Do You Draw a Picture of a Turkey?


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To draw a picture of a turkey, first use a pencil to draw the feathers. Create the feathers by drawing the bottom half of a circle. Connect the two sides of the circle using a triangular pattern, so that the end result looks like half of a cracked egg shell. Draw the body of the turkey in the shape of a gourd inside the center of the half circle. The bottom half of the body is larger than the head.

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Inside the body of the turkey, draw the eyes, beak and wattle. The beak is in the middle of the gourd, with the eyes above it and the wattle right underneath it. Draw the beak as either a greater than or less than sign, or in a V shape.

Behind the body, inside of the half circle, use the triangle tip as the end of each feather. Draw a line from the edge of the circle to just behind the body. Draw a floating line in the center of each feather. Draw the turkey's feet at the bottom of the gourd.

Darken the lines or use a black pen to outline the turkey. Use light marks to finish the details of the turkey, such as the veins of the feathers, the turkey's shading and any additional features. Erase any extra pencil marks.

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