How Do You Draw a Perfect Circle Freehand?


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To draw a perfect freehand circle, place a piece of paper on a smooth surface. Pivot the middle joint of your little finger firmly against the paper. With the same hand, place the tip of a pencil loosely on the paper. Rotate the paper until you draw a complete circle.

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  1. Pivot your little finger on top of a sheet of paper

    Put a piece of paper on a smooth and flat surface. Press the middle joint of your little finger firmly into the paper such that it pivots on it and acts like a compass point.

  2. Hold the pencil and adjust your circle's radius

    With the little finger still in position, hold a pencil in writing position with the same hand. Adjust the distance between the pencil tip and the little finger joint in relation to how big you want your circle to be. Place the tip of the pencil lightly on the paper. Place the pencil just firmly enough to draw but not so firm that it hinders movement of the paper.

  3. Draw the circle

    Slowly rotate the piece of paper around the little finger's pivot point. Lock the pencil in position as it draws while the paper moves under it. Continue turning the sheet until the circle is fully drawn.

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