How Do You Draw a Panda Bear?

How Do You Draw a Panda Bear?

A simple, seated panda bear can be drawn in stages with a series of basic shapes and lines, starting with the head and torso and finishing with the limbs and features. Drawing a panda bear from scratch is a good way to learn about this endangered species' appearance, as well as to develop drawing skills in general.

In order to draw a panda bear, a pencil and paper are required. Follow the steps below to draw the animal.

  1. Draw the head and torso
  2. In the center of the top third of the paper, draw a circle with a flattened base. Next, draw two lines coming down and splaying out from this circle's base. Connect these lines in the bottom third of the page.

  3. Draw the limbs
  4. For a seated position, draw the panda's legs as two large sausage shapes at the base of the torso. Two smaller sausage shapes originating from the panda's shoulders will serve as the arms.

  5. Draw the ears and snout
  6. Draw two broad light-bulb shapes on either side of the top of the head for ears. Draw the panda's snout as a large horseshoe shape descending from the center of the head to just below its base. Next, draw a dark inverted triangle within the horseshoe as the nose, and below that a little mouth.

  7. Draw the eyes
  8. On either side of the snout, draw two large ovals for the panda's eye patches, complete with small circular eyes.

  9. Add detail
  10. With the basic outline complete, add details such as paws, fur and perhaps a stick of bamboo. Shade the ears and eye patches.