How Do You Draw a Panda?

How Do You Draw a Panda?

To draw a panda, draw the basic shape of the panda first, then add the details such as fur and coloration. Use a sketch pad and pencils.

  1. Draw the body

    Draw a medium-sized circle for the panda's head. Draw a second circle slightly higher than the first circle, with the second circle overlapping the center of the first circle. Make the second circle slightly elongated. Draw a large oval diagonal to the overlapping circles, overlapping one end of the oval through the center of both circles.

  2. Draw the legs

    Draw a triangular shape at the bottom of the first circle to make the panda's leg. The base of the triangle is the round bottom of the circle. Draw a rectangle at the bottom of the second circle for the top part of the second leg. Draw another rectangle under the first rectangle at a slight angle, so that both legs are parallel. Make an upside-down L-shaped line in the first third of the long oval. Draw an L-shaped line parallel to this at the base of the oval to create the hind leg.

  3. Draw the face

    Draw two half circles at the top of the head to create the ears. Draw two more half circles in the center of the head to create the eye areas. Draw a half oval connecting the sides of both eyes down to the bottom of the head to create the snout.

  4. Draw the paws

    Draw half circles at the bottom of each leg to create the paws.

  5. Add the details

    Draw round eyes in the center circles on the face. Draw a triangle nostril at the base of the snout. Draw a line under the nostril for the mouth. Use small line strokes to add fur. Color the hind leg, center body, front legs, ears and rings around the eyes black. Erase extra pencil outlines from step one.