How Do You Draw an Owl?

How Do You Draw an Owl?

To draw an owl, create the face shape, then draw the body and the wings. Use a sketchpad and pencil.

  1. Draw the head

    Draw a right half of a heart shape, leaving half of the shape open to create the head. In the rounded end of the head, draw a short curved line from the center edge of the shape bent slightly toward the bottom of the shape. At the end of this line, draw another curved line going up toward the top of the shape. This creates an elongated "M" shape. Create a half heart face shape with the open end of the "M," finishing the line at the bottom of the head.

  2. Draw the face

    In the center of the nearly-heart-shaped face, draw two small ovals to create eyes. Fill in two smaller circles in the center of these for the pupils. Draw a rounded triangle shape with an open base between the eyes to create the beak.

  3. Draw the body

    Draw a curved line from the top of the head down to the length you want the bird's body to be. At the end of this line, draw six narrow triangles without bases diagonally to create tail feathers.

  4. Draw the wings

    Draw a diagonal line pointing toward the right at the top center edge of the body. Draw another line closer to the head parallel to the first line. Curve this line to the left as you draw until you reach the length you want the wingspan. Draw 10 triangles without bases to create the wing feathers. Make the first four long, and make the rest shorter than the one before it. Continue drawing smaller triangles until you reach the other line. Draw a straight line from the end of the tail feathers. Draw another line from the open end of the head. Repeat the triangles from the first wing on the second wing until you reach the end of the second line.