How Do You Draw an Outline of a Human Body?


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To accurately draw the outline of a human body without distortion, draw each section of the body separately. Separate the body into seven different sections, and then connect them to form the outline of the body.

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Begin the drawing on a quadrilateral and an aspect ratio of 3:4. Next, draw a long straight line that is slightly longer than the longitudinal side of the rectangle. Draw a line on top of the oval for shoulders and an oval for the head and circles for shoulders, collarbones and knees. Draw circles for the elbows and feet, then draw two curved lines on each side of the body that connect the shoulder circles to the knees. Draw a line on the inside edge of the circles that make up the legs and connect them in an upside down "V" shape.

Add two lines on both edges of the circles that make up the shoulders and elbow; extend those lines so that they form an arm with a wrist, but no hand. Finally, draw a rough outline of the hands and feet, with the bottom circles making up the ankle area of the feet. Erase the circles and the quadrilateral to complete the outline of the human body.

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