How Do I Draw a Muscle Man?


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You can draw a muscle man by starting with an outline of the male body, including body, head and arms. You must render this template with light pencil lines, thus making it easy to erase once the drawing is complete.

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With the template, you must establish the outline of the muscles usually emphasized on a muscular, well-built male body. They include the trapezius and deltoid (shoulder), biceps (upper arm), triceps (back of arm), pectorals (chest), abdomen (for the six pack) and the serratus anterior muscles (for the rib cage). Start with the detailing process by going for the face: adding bolder lines and various degrees of shading, and drawing out the facial features (e.g., eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, etc.).

Next, move to the muscle groups of the body, starting with the chest, then to the neck and shoulders. Slowly move down to the left side of the body, beginning with the bicep and tricep and working your way down to the abdomen. Do the same for the right side of the body.

If you are drawing the rear view of the body, you would instead focus on muscles like the scapula (shoulder blades), gluteus (buttocks) and gastrocnemius (the calf of the leg).

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