How Do You Draw a Mouth?

How Do You Draw a Mouth?

To draw a mouth, create the outline of the lips, then shade the lips and soften the edges. Highlight each section of the lips using a pencil and blend the shading to promote realism.

  1. Draw the lip outline

    Draw the line where the top and bottom lip meet. Curve the line down slightly in the middle, creating a subtle M shape. Draw the upper lip above the first line. Start with a straight diagonal line, then dip the line down sharply in the center to form a bow shape. Finish with another diagonal line connecting to the edge of the first line. Draw a curved line under the first line to form the bottom lip. The bottom lip should be fuller than the upper lip.

  2. Draw the creases

    Draw a few vertical lines where the upper lip meets the center line. Draw vertical lines throughout the middle of the bottom lip.

  3. Shade the lips

    Color the entire top lip in a dark tone. Draw a strong, darker outline on the center lip line and the vertical lines on the upper lip. Color the outside edges of the bottom lip in a dark shade. Color the first fourth of the bottom lip in a dark shade. Color the center of the bottom lip in a medium-dark shade.

  4. Blend in the tones

    Blend the dark sections with the light sections of the lips. Use a pencil or blotter to soften the edges of the completed mouth.