How Do You Draw Men and Women?


Men and women can be drawn using the same basic template with slightly different proportions. Men are generally drawn with harder, straighter lines than women. Men's shoulders are the widest part of their bodies, while on women, the widest part is the hips.

To draw a person of any gender, first determine how big you want the head. Next, sketch a simple proportion guide. A person with average human proportions is about seven and a half heads in length. The guide serves as a vertical line that is seven and a half head lengths long, with dashes or circles to mark each head.

To ensure the proportions are correct, start by drawing a stick figure. Mark joints such as elbows, knees and hips with circles. On both figures, there is roughly one and a half heads between the chin and the nipples. The space between the navel and the groin is roughly one head. Female hips should be one and a half heads wide, while male hips are closer to one head wide. The legs on either figure are the same length, at about three and a half heads long. Once the proportional locations of all the joints have been outlined, it is easier to fill out the figure by adding musculature or clothing.