How Do You Draw Mario Step by Step?

How Do You Draw Mario Step by Step?

Begin by drawing a large circle. Next, sketch reference points for the face, before sketching the facial features and the shape of Mario's hat. Continue to add details, such as the moustache, the "M" and Mario's ears.

  1. Draw the basic features

    First, draw a large circle to represent Mario's head. Next, sketch a wide arc on top of the circle, and create an overall egg shape with two perpendicular lines within the main circle. At the point of intersection, draw a smaller egg shape for the nose. Along the horizontal line, sketch two ovals to represent the eyes.

  2. Sketch the primary features

    Draw two crescent shapes above each eye for Mario's eyebrows. Next draw the mustache by sketching a long curved line underneath the horizontal reference line and connecting it to the nose. This line should extend beyond the main circle and the vertical reference line. Draw a half oval shape beneath the mustache and a backward "C" near the right edge of the circle. Finally, sketch two arcs, one wrapping around the tip of the ear to the end of the left eyebrow and the other in the shape of a backwards C behind the head.

  3. Finish the sketch

    Add curls beneath the mustache and additional detail to the ear. Next, add a line and a curve for the teeth and the tongue. Darken and color in the eyes. Add hair and the shape of the chin. Finally, finish the hat by adding the "M" and erase your reference marks.