How Do You Draw a Longhorn Skull?


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A breed of cattle that is most commonly associated with the Southwestern United States, the longhorn is best known for its distinctively long horns, which can easily surpass 7 feet in many cases. Thus, any drawing concerning longhorn skulls?famously hung up on the walls of bars, restaurants and the homes of outdoorsmen?must always take note of this main physical characteristic.

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How Do You Draw a Longhorn Skull?
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To draw the longhorn skull, start off with some simple shapes and guidelines that can form the head frame. A circle can serve as the top of the skull, an oblong shape with a line running down the middle can represent the muzzle, and the pair of curled lines near the top of the circle can serve as the large horns. Add additional lines above and parallel to the first pair of curled ones to complete the outline of the horns. Move down to start adding details of the cattle?s muzzle, such as the nose of the steer and the thick pointed teeth. A third pair of curled lines should be added to add dimension and shape to the distinctive horns, and dental crack lines, nose hole opening, and bony brow lines can be added for more detail at the lower region of the skull. More cracks can be added at the top of the skull and even the horns to give the skull more definition. Then, erase all the shapes and guidelines to finish the drawing.

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