How Do You Draw a Lion Face?

How Do You Draw a Lion Face?

Although there are many ways to draw a lion's face, an easy way involves drawing a large oval with two triangular shapes for the ears and an upside-down triangle for the nose. This method takes approximately 20 minutes, and you need colored pencils, an eraser and paper.

  1. Draw the shape of the head

    With your paper in a portrait position and using a brown colored pencil, lightly draw a long oval with the sides bulging slightly out from the center.

  2. Draw the shape of the ears

    Lightly draw the ears in a triangular shape. Each ear should be about one inch from the top center of the head. Draw a smaller triangle within each ear.

  3. Erase the lines to draw the fur

    Using gentle strokes, erase the lines of the oval and the triangles. Make zig-zag lines along the original lines to mimic fur. Use light, linear strokes for short fur.

  4. Draw the nose and whiskers

    Using a dark pink colored pencil, draw an upside-down triangle just below the center half of the face. Use a black colored pencil to draw an upside-down "Y" from the top point of the triangle to form the mouth. Make three small dots above each line of the mouth, and lightly draw short lines going outwards for the whiskers.

  5. Draw the eyes

    With a black colored pencil, draw the eyes so that they are almond-shaped with the top line longer than the bottom line at the inner corners. Fill in the irises and the pupils.

  6. Fill in the mane

    Using brown and gold colored pencils and long and short strokes, create a mane around the lion's face. Shade in the sides of the nose to enhance the lion's muzzle.