How Do You Draw a Lion?

How Do You Draw a Lion?

To draw a male lion, start with a curved line for the nose, add the mouth and mane, draw the back and tail, add the legs, and finish with the stomach. Drawing a lion takes roughly 15 minutes and requires paper, a pencil and an eraser.

  1. Draw the nose

    Start on the right side of the paper. Draw a curve for the forehead that goes down to the tip of the nose. Hook the line back for the nose.

  2. Draw the mouth

    Starting slightly back from the tip of the nose, draw a half circle to represent the lion's upper lip. Below that, draw a smaller half circle for the lion's lower jaw. This complete the mouth.

  3. Add the mane

    Starting from the forehead, draw a jagged line up and over the top of the head. Continue the jagged line down and around so that it eventually goes back up toward the start. The end result should resemble a bottom-heavy, blunt triangle of jagged lines.

  4. Sketch the back and tail

    Starting at a point halfway down the mane, sketch a gentle arc to represent the lion's back. Swoop the line down, curving it back up to represent the top of the tail.

  5. Draw the legs

    Starting at the bottom-most portion of the mane, draw the lion's foreleg and foot. A little back from that, add the other foreleg and foot. Starting just below where the lion's tail begins, draw a wide haunch and the lion's back leg and tail.

  6. Complete the tail

    Connect the haunch to the bottom of the tail by repeating the swooping line. Add the far haunch and back leg back slightly from the first one. Top the tail with a tuft of fur.

  7. Add details

    Draw a curved line between the legs for the stomach. Add one eye on the lion's face and an ear just back from the eye.